It’s Monday Funday Time, 3rd Edition!

It’s Monday once again, our dear Stiletto-istas, and that means one thing: Monday Fundays! Where The Bamboo Stiletto combines her obsessions for to-die-for beach houses/holiday homes, addiction to the movies/TV and celebrity gossip, all into one single fun post!

Did you figure out the answer to last week’s Monday Funday pop quiz ? We asked for the name of the blonde Hollywood actress who became a rom-com star after headlining three of the late Nora Ehpron’s biggest blockbusters and whose envy-inducing Martha’s Vineyard beach house we managed to get a peek into, courtesy of Elle Decor. One of our readers wrote in with the correct answer…yay! yes, it’s Meg Ryan, of course!

Actress Meg Ryan relaxes outside her sophisticated yet homey beach house in Martha’s Vineyard

This week, we’re going to test your Hollywood movie trivia skills once again as we visit the set of one of The Bamboo Stiletto’s favourite Nancy Meyer films. Director Nancy Meyer seems to have specialized in making movies featuring production sets of the most gorgeous homes for us to drool over.

For instance, how many of you can remember the house from the Steve Martin classics “Father of the Bride” and its sequel “Father of the Bride II” when they added the baby’s nursery into the house? How about something more recent, like the house from that hilarious Meryl StreepAlec Baldwin starrer, “It’s Complicated“? I can’t remember the exact details of the movie or if Meryl Streep ended up with her rogue ex Alec Baldwin or promising new romance Steve Martin, but dear me in heaven, do I remember her beautiful Santa Barbara ranch-style Mediterranean!

In today’s Monday Funday, browse through the beautiful pics of this divine Hamptons beach house below – and tell me if you recognize which movie it comes from (all images courtesy of another The Bamboo Stiletto addiction, the Hooked on Houses blog):

the charming living room, so stylish it warranted a feature in “Architectural Digest” magazine
here’s another look at that living room, with lights dimmed during an evening storm
such a cozy dining room!
love, love, love this reading nook in the library…sail away, sail away, sail away…
THE showpiece in the house…I mean, this kitchen is just a stunning beaut!
the main character’s master bedroom, with the gorgeous bay windows framing her cute little home office, where she works as a writer. when Herr Hubby & I watched this movie and I saw this home office, I told him: “that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life, write and work from home…and I want a home office like that to do it in.” he patted my hand & said: “then you shall have it, my love.” hahahaaaa!

By now, you may have recognized the house already and may be racking your brains for the movie’s title. Soooooo…to make it easier, it is only the beginning of the week after all and we don’t want to frazzle you too much, here’s a photo of the movie’s main stars and a short plot synopsis below:

Divorced writer Diane Keaton and notorious playboy bachelor Jack Nicholson “Meet Cute” at her Hamptons beach house when he is invited to be her daughter’s weekend date then unexpectedly extends his visit due to a heart attack while on premises. He convalesces in her guestroom while daughter (the always cute Amanda Peet) heads back to Manhattan and his hunky heart specialist (played with heartthrob soulfulness by Keanu Reeves) seems to be showing special interest in the lady of the house. As Jack and Diane spend more time together in the house and on the beach while he recovers, all kinds of comical and romantic “complications ensue”, as they say in screenplay lingo.

Have you figured out the title of this romantic comedy yet??? Let us know…for our 3rd edition of Monday Fundays! C’mon, don’t be shy, we would LOVE to hear from you 🙂

Welcome to the 1st edition of Monday Fundays!

Welcome to the first edition of Monday Fundays, where The Bamboo Stiletto combines her obsession with chic beach-inspired interiors, the movies & TV and celebrity gossip all into a single fun post!

If you’re based in Asia and have the Star World channel on your TV, then chances are you may already be hooked on this deliciously addictive TV series about a mysterious, beautiful young lady who suddenly buys a beach house at the Hamptons, renowned summer playground of Manhattan high society, and who may or may not have ulterior motives for living next door to the enclave’s reigning power couple, their goodlooking son and heir, and pampered daughter.

The show had me at the Hamptons. As a former New Yorker who once dreamed of spending summers there (and who was actually lucky enough to be invited there by more privileged friends on occasional summer weekends), of course I watched the show from the get go!

I later learned from the show’s production blog that the series is actually filmed in Manhattan Beach, California while the actual beach houses used for filming the pilot episode were in North Carolina.  After the pilot, the show built sets in California based on the interiors of the real beach houses used in the pilot. Real or make-believe – the beach house of the show’s rich, powerful but tragic Kennedy-esque protagonist family is one of the main attractions for me…and one of the reasons why I tune in week after week. Even Herr Hubby had to be forced to sit down and watch with me on the couch if he wanted an evening snuggle! 🙂

To whet our appetites for tonight’s episode, here are a few glimpses of the show’s star attraction below (all images courtesy of ABC network TV):

Beach “manor” of the show’s reigning power family
foyer of that family’s “beach house”
the gorgeous living room…to die for.
the living room from a different angle, showing a lovely kitchen
a glimpse of the couple’s master bedroom
the poolhouse / son’s bachelor pad…really cool. love this room!

Can you guess what the title of this show is? Let me know in your comments below!
Will you be tuning in tonight at 11pm on Star World???