An Instagram Morning at Casa Stiletto

When Instagram first became the latest social networking plaything, I remember registering for an account right away and then…nothing. For the longest time, my Instagram account languished, unused, while I stuck to my usual social networking tools.

This morning at Casa Stiletto, since I had no appointments to go to or assignments to work on for once, I thought it was the perfect time to play with Instagram! I was SO relieved to find how easy & user-friendly  this app is, even for a newbie like me. Here’s a look at some of the fun this morning at Casa Stiletto, as captured on Instagram:

The view from my home office window. Yes, Stiletto-istas, this is what I feast my eyes on while contemplating my thoughts for you & putting ’em down into words on my laptop. Sometimes if I’m lucky, there’s an occasional piece of eye candy of the male persuasion lounging around, for additional visual inspiration 🙂

A “cornerscape” in our foyer where we dump keys, the occasional pair of sunglasses & my beloved trusty tennis racquet. Little red table with door (used for storing slippers) is vintage, which I found dumped in the bin of my old apartment building in Manhattan; I rescued it & lugged it 5 flights of stairs to my walk-up. Silk lamp is from Saigon, Vietnam (where Herr Hubby used to live), the wooden warrior puppet with sword is from a market in Chiangmai, Thailand. His name is Krishna (we name all puppets, teddy bears & ceramic animals in Casa Stiletto) & he guards our foyer. Sandalwood chair with Chinese silk fabric & embroidered “good fortune” cushion from landlord.

I tried my hand at “tablescaping” in the dining room by putting together these random pieces from our former homes in China & the US: “his & hers” stainless steel espresso cups with porcelain saucers from American designer Ross McBride’s Anamorphic series, silk-screened floral Chinese tea pot, cup & saucer in one (all elements are separable) a gift from our life in Beijing, China, pair of inscribed ceramic-bottomed wine glasses from a divine shop in my old Upper West Side neighborhood in Manhattan: Our Name is Mud. The wine glasses remind us that:” Life’s too short for bad wine.” Round wooden tray from Ikea.

These inspirational words from our collection of fridge magnets are what greet us first thing in the morning when we grab our milk out of the fridge. Kinda like a real-life version of a Pinterest board! Aren’t they hella cute???

In the guestroom, a little Mexican hand-painted wooden chest which I picked up in a Manhattan flea market provides extra room for storage while some of our collection of culinary & beverage books make a nice prop for a hand-sketched fun cartoon of Herr Hubby & myself by a South Korean artist during a memorable “mini-moon” in Jeju Island.

Soft early morning light filters through the sheer white curtains framing a view of palm trees from the guestroom. Wooden sailboat, tiny lighthouse & cottage (partially seen) are mementos of a trip to the coastal town of Svenborg, Denmark while white cotton curtains, hand-embroidered with tiny flowers (can’t be seen clearly in photo) are from France, provided by our landlord.

Isn’t Instagram FUN, Stiletto-istas??? This is totally our latest addiction, haha! What about you, have you been Instagramming too?

If you’d like to share some fun Instagram-scapes of your interiors and home decorating efforts, I would LOVE to see them…and I’m sure your fellow Stiletto-istas will too!  I will make sure to ask your permission first before posting them online and give photo credits where it’s due. And don’t sweat it, if you would like to remain anonymous but would still love to share your Instagram-scapes,  you can do that too! We absolutely respect our readers’ privacy here at The Bamboo Stiletto. PLEASE, PLEASE, pretty, pretty please email The Bamboo Stiletto with your pics and privacy preferences at

My email inbox is quivering with anticipation! 🙂

Que Caliente! Rafa Nadal in Mallorca

Wimbledon season has officially begun!
I’m super-excited to watch Spanish champ Rafa Nadal, fresh from his French Open triumph and currently ranked #2 in the world, attempt to take the Wimbledon title for the third time. Let’s hope he reaches the finals and plays against either Roger Federer (#3) or Novak Djokovic (#1) for another thrilling showdown of masterful tennis!

Prior to his arrival in the UK, it was refreshing to see him unwind and chill in his hometown of Mallorca, cooking in the kitchen and hanging out with family and friends. Just in case you’re wondering….no, he and I are not personally acquainted…but I am on his Facebook feed. His posts are in Spanish, obviously, but Facebook provides translations, if I want. Rather stalker-y of me, isn’t it? But there you go, that’s the power of social media in today’s world.

Anyway, in anticipation of a 2012 Wimbledon trophy for Rafa, here’s a quick glimpse of the champion relaxing at his beautiful beachside home in Mallorca. He’s looking all sorts of caliente in all the pics, of course (you ladies and gays out there can thank me in the Comments below:-) But we can also see a little bit of what his terraza overlooking the Mediterranean sea looks like. I like the pop of teal on the beach pillows against the white expanse of the terrace, don’t you? We see that he has a pool and, as befitting a top-class athlete, a nice home gym. I do wish we had more shots of the interiors because judging from its exterior, it looks like it would be a stylish beach house inside too!

As for the last pic in the gallery, which has nothing to do with his beach house WHATSOEVER, I have to confess that I saved the best for last. That is simply gratuitous. So, relax, feast your eyes and enjoy. La vida es demasiado corta (life’s too short).

I have to thank the folks over at the Rafael Nadal fan site for the pics, which were culled from Rafa’s exclusive interviews for Spanish celebrity magazine Hola! and for the German edition of Tennis Magazine.

Will YOU be watching Wimbledon? WHO are you rooting for???

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