Whatever your opinions might be about his music (I actually really liked his album “Justified”), his movies (in both “Friends with Benefits” and “In Time”, I think he proved that he does have legitimate comedic and action hero acting chops) – or his love life (for some reason, the tabs always describe his relationship with fiancee Jessica Biel as “boring”, which just means that a loving, stable, long-term relationship in Hollywood does not help tabloid sales) – there is no denying that superstar Justin Timberlake is not content to prance around in his Pradas. The guy is actually serious about branding himself as a global style icon.

Case in point: his label William Rast, which has succeeded much like Victoria Beckham has, in silencing critics and establishing itself as a significant name to watch out for in fashion.

Another case in point is Homemint, his new, curated line of home decor accessories in collaboration with celebrity stylist and interior designer Estee Stanley. What’s especially cool about this site is that when you visit for the first time, you fill out a quick questionnaire, then the site matches you with items that best match your “style profile”. I have to say, it was uncanny (some might say, creepy) how items on the site kept popping up on-screen and all I wanted to do was hit that Purchase button…AGAIN…and AGAIN…and AGAIN!!!

Right now, I’m crushing hard on a black leather Moroccan ottoman on the site. It would look SO fabulous in our new living room…and Herr Hubby would have a place to put his feet up when he’s watching TV at night, instead of propping them up on our Chinese medicine chest-designed coffee table! Don’t you just think this ottoman is divine???

Crushing hard on this divine ottoman…to buy or not to buy?

Today, Homemint had a delightful surprise in my email inbox – essentials for summer entertaining, including Justin’s favourite summer cocktail and Estee’s favourite summer salad (might give both a go this weekend at home!) as well as gorgeous little items perfect for your beach house or tropical home. Check out the link above!