On the 194: Gweipor Bus Anecdote


Today I achieved an incredibly significant milestone in my 9 years of living in China. I finally mustered up enough courage to ride on the local public bus – all by myself.

Can you believe it? Nine years in Beijing & Shanghai…where I mostly schlepped it in cabs & the Metro (the latter in Shanghai at least)…and never set foot inside a bus.

Total fear of the unknown.

Today I decided to face that fear head-on, walked to the bus stop outside our compound and got on the 194 bus. Our real estate agent had previously told me this is the bus that would take me from our home to IFC – the office tower where Herr Hubby works. Ok, not exactly the most adventurous itinerary but hey, I’m taking baby steps here.

Of course as I boarded, I had no idea how to swipe my transport card to pay (just like in Hong Kong & Shanghai, we use stored value cards for public transport here). I tried putting it on top of the meter and the driver eyed me with a look that said:”Here comes another clueless gweipor.”

He then proceeded to teach me (in excellent English, I might add) how to use my card, in front of an entire busload of amused passengers. Once my RMB 2 (approximately 30 US cents) had been deducted, I was free to sit and enjoy the ride as I wished. It was a beautiful morning and an excellent way to see the city!

There was even a moment when I bonded with my fellow bus passengers. A flashy lime-green Lamborghini pulled up in front of the gigantic China Minsheng Bank building in the Central Business District. From the driver’s seat emerged a young man, who couldn’t have been older than 20, in a Gap t-shirt, khaki shorts and flip flops, yapping on his iPhone. All of us in the bus stared at the car and at the young man as he sauntered into the bank and then we all looked at one another with a smile. I knew what was going through everyone’s minds…Yes, this is the New China. And for most of those people on the bus today, that young man and his car was the perfect illustration of The Chinese Dream.

Getting a new perspective – aboard the 194

By the way, wouldn’t you know it…all bus stop signs and stop announcements were bi-lingual, in Chinese and English. There had been nothing for me to be afraid of at all! What a liberating experience. I’m totally taking the bus more, from now on.

Yesterday while completely getting lost in our hunt for DVDs along Tianhe Lu, Herr Hubby and I stumbled across the swanky new One Link shopping mall (right across the equally swanky Taikoo Hui mall).

I was extra-ecstatic when I discovered that this new mall had a Zara Home shop. Absolute home decor heaven! I couldn’t stay long and browse to my heart’s content as we were on our way somewhere, but made a mental note to myself to come back when I have more time.

From what I quickly surmised yesterday, even though it’s not a very large shop, they had everything from bed linens to bath accessories, kitchen knick knacks and lots of lovely little decorative objects for every room in your house. All in lovely hues of white, grey, beige, gold, silver and a soothing pale sea blue…ideal colours for a tropical home or a beach house! Oh – and for the cocooning fashionista, they also had delicious lounge wear and sweet cotton nightgowns, all in dreamy white.

Drooled over the scented candles and sets of bed linens (don’t you just love sliding into bed, with new freshly washed sheets?)…but made a more affordable purchase of a set of slate grey placemats and one sweet white cotton nightgown. Whenever we’re in the tropics, I love sleeping in white cotton nightgowns and I’m so lucky that Herr Hubby is only too happy to indulge me.

I still haven’t figured out how to really dress up one corner of the living room in our new home here in Guangzhou so I can’t wait to go back to Zara Home and pick up some ideas!

How to get there: Zara Home is on the ground floor of One Link Walk shopping mall on Tianhe Lu, right across the Swire-owned Taikoo Hui, so it is easy to take a cab or bus. When taking the metro, get off at Shipaiqiao station.

Just found out that Zara Home has landed in other cities in China, e.g. Beijing, Tianjin & Yichang…but, errr, not Shanghai. (Wonder why they skipped China’s most style-conscious city?)

Are you one of the lucky ducks with a Zara Home in your city?

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