Eye Candy Friday: Bamboo Stiletto Escape, Chile

Summer’s last hurrah is here, Stiletto-istas!
This week’s missive from The Bamboo Stiletto’s aspirational style bible, Architectural Digest, caught our wandering eye and we knew we just had to share it with you. Before the August heat completely dissipates, let our Eye Candy Friday tempt you on a final summer fling and flirt with our personal favourite from AD‘s selection of dream-worthy eco-luxury escapes successfully combining stylish design with impactful sustainability.

Who says green and glamour can’t go together? So what say you, girls & gays, are you ready??? (all images below courtesy of Tierra Patagonia, Chile):

Back in the ’90s, when we realized that Patagonia was more than just an outdoor apparel company that we were extremely fond of, we dreamed of visiting the region & its pristine mountains, lakes, glaciers, forests & rivers (while wearing colour-coordinated, climate-appropriate Patagonia outfits, of course:) We did make it to Chile’s capital of Santiago, we did see some pampas (love that word! brings us right back to Latin America) & moseyed all the way down south to Valparaiso, paying homage to its most famous son, poet Pablo Neruda. Fond, fun memories of Chile but we never made it to Patagonia. Not yet anyway. Who knows, instead of that random person out there chewing the scenery…maybe someday, that could be moi? Dreamy gentleman companion optional:)

The intimate 40-room Tierra Patagonia was designed by a trio of awardwinning Chilean architects: Cazú Zegers, Roberto Benavente, and Rodrigo Ferrer. Its look is deliberately rustic-sleek & low-key, awash in neutral hues with pale woods & lush, comfy textures – the better to set off the jaw-dropping outdoor scenery. This cozy-chic living area is where we can totally imagine lounging around after switching outfits, from our Patagonia outdoor kit to Ralph Lauren cable knits & cords!

Sitting on the shores of Lake Sarmiento at the edge of Torres Paine National Park & the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, surrounded by dramatic vistas of windswept dunes, lake & mountains, Tierra Patagonia is an eco-luxury traveler’s wet dream. Interiors, with furnishings sourced locally, are designed by Alexandra Edwards & Carolina Delpiano to take advantage of the amazing views. So, grab a swing, stay calm and…chill. (High heels & glass of Chilean shiraz optional)

Of course one of our fave images is of the library! This resort has even provided chic little daybeds just in case all the fresh air (and your book) lull you to sleep. No worries that reading lots of books during your holiday might spoil your eco-travel cred, Tierra Patagonia uses low-energy LED lighting. Also, proper insulation and design has made heating and airconditioning less of a necessity. So, INHALE that fresh air, people! (and don’t forget to exhale).

Now if you really can’t keep your eyes open, after all that lounging, relaxing, chilling with wine, reading books…hehe, just kidding, we know you’d be out there on the dunes, baby! trekking, hiking, kayaking, mountain climbing & all kinds of exhausting outdoor stuff in all that pure fresh air…so at night? You’ll be happy to know this is what your crib looks like. I don’t know about you but I’d probably zonk out right on that furry white rug on the floor right there.

So, are we ready to pack our bags, viajemos y hablamos Espanol, Stiletto-istas queridas??? If you are, make your ressies now by checking out www.tierrapatagonia.com and be sure to share your Tierra Patagonia stories with us afterwards. If you’d like to browse through the entire selection of Architectural Digest’s glamorous sustainable stays, read the original article here.

We’ve got some  major saving up to do before we can jet off to the other side of the world…but  meantime, a girl can dream, can’t she? We’re already saving up for a trip to the World Cup (soccer) in Brazil by 2014 anyway and guess what’s only a skip, hop, plane ride away from Rio de Janeiro...andale, viva Patagoniaaaaaa!!!

Happy Eye Candy Friday dreams & a fantastic weekend ahead to y’all & your loved ones! 🙂

Sky-High Sneak Peek: Snaps from the IFC Guangzhou’s 75th Floor

A major downside of being a hotelier’s wife is the long hours of waiting for your husband to come home from work. Back when Herr Hubby and I first got engaged, a well-meaning girlfriend married to a fellow hotelier, told me: “Welcome to the club! You’re about to embark on a lifetime of waiting…” Rather stark, isn’t it?

But the life of a hotelier’s wife does have its many perks too. One of these is having insider access to a hotel even before it has opened, akin to getting a backstage pass in a theatre or a movie or television production set (alas, minus the thrill of meeting Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp!)

The weeks and days leading up to a hotel’s opening are uniquely memorable, fraught with drama, suspense, excitement, glamour, frenzied hard work and unparalleled tension. People have been known to collapse and end up in hospital from sheer stress and exhaustion, which actually happened to a chef I used to work with. Attention, TV producers out there, one of you seriously needs to do a reality TV series about the “back-of-the-house” theatrics and shenanigans that happen during a hotel opening…STAT! For sure, you won’t need a Kardashian to make sure it will be a big hit in the ratings.

In my previous life, I did two hotel openings back-to-back and probably never will again. It led me to a career burn-out and the realization that life is too short for such prolonged misery.

Herr Hubby is currently in the unenviable position of being part of the team responsible for opening the Four Seasons hotel in Guangzhou, located in the city’s tallest skyscraper and the Central Business District‘s iconic showpiece, the 100-storey International Finance Centre (IFC).  Because of his long hours at work these days, we’re currently making the hotel our home base while I shuttle back to our real home in the daytime.

Here are some astounding snapshots of the city view, from our room on the 75th floor:

astonishing night view of Guangzhou, with the Pearl River & its bridges and the stunning Guangzhou Tower

Huacheng Plaza (Flower City Plaza) lights up at night like a surreal landscape from the film “Tron: Legacy”

does this remind you of a scene from the latest Ridley Scott sci-fi flick?  the Haixinsha stadium glows like an alien spaceship in the foreground

The Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou officially opens for guests on 1st August. Check out the hotel’s newsletter, In The Know: Guangzhou, here.

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