Welcome to the 1st edition of Monday Fundays!

Welcome to the first edition of Monday Fundays, where The Bamboo Stiletto combines her obsession with chic beach-inspired interiors, the movies & TV and celebrity gossip all into a single fun post!

If you’re based in Asia and have the Star World channel on your TV, then chances are you may already be hooked on this deliciously addictive TV series about a mysterious, beautiful young lady who suddenly buys a beach house at the Hamptons, renowned summer playground of Manhattan high society, and who may or may not have ulterior motives for living next door to the enclave’s reigning power couple, their goodlooking son and heir, and pampered daughter.

The show had me at the Hamptons. As a former New Yorker who once dreamed of spending summers there (and who was actually lucky enough to be invited there by more privileged friends on occasional summer weekends), of course I watched the show from the get go!

I later learned from the show’s production blog that the series is actually filmed in Manhattan Beach, California while the actual beach houses used for filming the pilot episode were in North Carolina.  After the pilot, the show built sets in California based on the interiors of the real beach houses used in the pilot. Real or make-believe – the beach house of the show’s rich, powerful but tragic Kennedy-esque protagonist family is one of the main attractions for me…and one of the reasons why I tune in week after week. Even Herr Hubby had to be forced to sit down and watch with me on the couch if he wanted an evening snuggle! 🙂

To whet our appetites for tonight’s episode, here are a few glimpses of the show’s star attraction below (all images courtesy of ABC network TV):

Beach “manor” of the show’s reigning power family

foyer of that family’s “beach house”

the gorgeous living room…to die for.

the living room from a different angle, showing a lovely kitchen

a glimpse of the couple’s master bedroom

the poolhouse / son’s bachelor pad…really cool. love this room!

Can you guess what the title of this show is? Let me know in your comments below!
Will you be tuning in tonight at 11pm on Star World???

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the 1st edition of Monday Fundays!

  1. Hello Diane,

    The name of tv show is Revenge!! I can’t wait
    for the next season to start. Find out what happen to Victoria

  2. “Revenge” became one of my new favorite tv series since its pilot episode. Love the plot, fashion, beachouse setting, characters and the beautiful actors/actresses who played them (especially Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe). Can’t wait for the next season to start this fall and see who will play Emily’s mom. It’s going to be a looong summer…

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