Posh Nosh: Robata Grill and Bar, Sofitel Guangzhou

Recently, we landed a little writing/editing gig for City Weekend Guangzhou – for you non-China based folks, City Weekend is a popular English-language expat rag, with print and online editions in Beijing and Shanghai. Here in Guangzhou, we now have  a newly revamped online edition but no print edition (not yet).

Whether you’re an old China hand or a greenie fresh off the plane, their magazines and website are indispensable, telling you all the events & doo-da in your city, crammed full of directory listings on everything from hospitals to hotels (with telephone numbers and helpful bi-lingual addresses), classifieds to help you in your search for the perfect apartment or ayi.

What our new gig basically entails is we get a chance to posh nosh in restaurants around town, hang out in hotels, swan around in spas and be besties with all the PR chicks and guys. Then, we head back to our  home office in Casa Stiletto and write about all the divalicious antics we’ve been up to! Tough life but hey, someone’s gotta do it!

Our first “assignment” was to have lunch at Robata Grill and Bar, the sleek-chic, modern Japanese resto at the Sofitel Hotel Guangzhou. We were on it like jam on bread or, I should say, like sushi on rice, haha!

We opted for Robata’s “Sake Experience” – a sake-pairing set menu, but minus the sake. Regretfully. We were sorely tempted but it was lunchtime on a schoolday after all. We would have passed out, snoring, for the entire afternoon! Here’s a quick look at our posh nosh.

Assorted Sushi

Faced with this giNORmous platter of sushi, it was easy to forget that we still had more courses to come, we just wanted to gorge ourselves!

Assorted Sashimi 

Seafood so fresh, just kind of melts in your mouth…Robata jets ’em in from the best in the world: Japan, Maldives, Finland, Australia…

Assorted Robatayaki

This grilled shrimp, Mirin-marinated pork belly & sweet potato, all cooked robatayaki-style, was a highlight for us. Flavours a-mingling! The pork? To die for!

Parilla-Grilled Australian Angus Beef with Duck Fat Fries

This baby satisfied our inner carnivore big time! Luscious Australian Angus beef ternderloin, grilled on the Argentinian parilla, & paired with Duck Fat Fries. Yum!

Tofu Cheesecake with Apple Miso Sorbet

Capping off our meal was Tofu Cheesecake, paired with Apple Miso Sorbet and fresh fruits.

Wasn’t that lunch just oishi-desu??? To read our full dining review on City Weekend Guangzhou’s website, please click here. To find out how to get to Robata Grill and Bar at Sofitel Hotel, Guangzhou, please click here.

Until our next nosh – Stiletto-istas, smile & stay posh! 🙂