The Happiness Project: Happier at Home

Thank God It’s Friday, Stiletto-istas!
You may have heard of American bestselling author Gretchen Rubin and her book “The Happiness Project“…well now, I got all sorts of excited when I read in the Huffington Post that she has just come out with a new book, “Happier at Home”.

Ah, a subject close to my Bamboo Stiletto heart! And I’m sure to yours too! I mean, I’m sure we’ve all spent a lot of time and effort to try and make our homes as lovely, as welcoming and yes, as happy as possible. So when our loved ones come home at the end of a long, tiring day, their troubles and worries just melt away when they walk in the door.

I immediately skedaddled over to my favourite bookstore in Hong Kong (yes, I cross borders for books, people!) to get my happy pawpaws on this little gem.

The Bamboo Stiletto hearts this book! You will too!!!

What really had me at hello was Ms. Rubin’s darling little one-minute video trailer tease about the book on her website. Click on this link and view the vid – 10 Ways to be Happier at Home – here. And I dare you to tell me that you’re not tickled pink (or purple) by her suggestions? Which ones were your favourites?

As for moi, our faves were:

  • Don’t let anyone get too hungry.
    (Don’t you think this is so true? Hungry people are miserable people! I think maybe this is why fashion industry people have reputations for being such b—-s. These poor ducks are starving, of course! They would so cheer up if they would allow themselves to have a muffin once in a while, don’t you think? This is why Herr Hubby and I always have an ice cream bar in the fridge. Just in case.)
  • Everything looks better arranged on a tray.
    (OMG! Again, so true! I only discovered this when I really got super-duper involved in my amateur efforts at styling our flat here in Guangzhou. I am now obsessed with trays in the way that I used to obsess about Roger Vivier. Seriously).
  • Outer order contributes to inner calm.
    (This appeals to the obsessive-compulsive in me. I’m the type of person, for instance, who cannot, just cannot have dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Even after a dinner party that ended at 2am. Them dishes had to be washed. Yes, this actually happened in Shanghai, where we didn’t have a dishwasher. And no, I did NOT have live-in help, unlike some of you lucky ducks here in Asia. I washed all the dishes, pots and pans AND cleaned the kitchen till everything was spotless and smelled like Lysol (by nearly 3am). And you know what? It was therapeutic 🙂

Lastly, one of my absolutest faves and I’m admittedly biased because I applied this myself at Casa Stiletto BEFORE I’d even heard of “Happier at Home”  – and Gretchen Rubin herself admits that this one is controversial – TA-DA!

Purple pops in our living room at Casa Stiletto 🙂

Have a FABULOUSO weekend, Stiletto-istas!!! Be HAPPY AT HOME 🙂

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