– ancient Chinese proverb.

As another week draws to a close and the weekend begins, we look back on an incredible week here at The Bamboo Stiletto and reflect that today’s quote is wonderfully apt.

Last week, at the end of The Bamboo Stiletto’s first week of existence, I mentioned that the site had generated more than 150 views from across the world. It’s now our second week and already, reader views have exponentially jumped to nearly 900!  This is way beyond what I could have possibly imagined for the site just on its second week…as in you guys are just AH-MAY-ZINGGGGGG!

In gratitude, I would like to thank our readers and our followers of The Bamboo Stiletto’s footsteps, from all around the world. It has been terribly fascinating seeing which countries our readers are coming from, because you are a truly global bunch. Here you go: the United States (with the most number of views), the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Hong Kong, Canada, France, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Belize, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Poland, Colombia, Spain, Germany, and even Iceland! The Bamboo Stiletto “Hearts” all of you, indeed.

Next steps, we are now working on a logo design for The Bamboo Stiletto and a little bit further down the line, we’re also working on migrating the site to our own domain name (while keeping the site design intact).  One valuable reason for using our own domain and site host is to make it easier for our readers in China – including myself – to access the site.  Right now, most blogging platforms are banned here, so each time we post on our own blog – or read other people’s blogs – we have to turn on our VPNs (virtual private networks).  It’s a bit of a pain or “mafan”, as we would say here  (“troublesome” in Mandarin). So you lucky ducks out there who don’t have to deal with this type of hassle, consider yourself, well…lucky. Be grateful. And stay tuned for more of The Bamboo Stiletto!

Again, a very warm “Do Je” (Cantonese) and “Xie xie” (Mandarin) from our humble home base in Guangzhou, China…have a super-fabulous weekend!

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