Apologies, Stiletto sweethearts! This was supposed to be a Monday Funday post, but as luck would have it, our VPN (virtual private network) conked out yesterday.

So, for the past 24 hours here in China, while VPN-less, we couldn’t access Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, even Google (couldn’t get into Gmail as well), even Yahoo was drifting in and out…and yes, no WordPress either, where this blog, The Bamboo Stiletto, resides. The only thing working was Bing (but WHO really uses Bing, anyway?) Highly frustrating but TIC (This Is China). Sigh!

We had a sneaking suspicion that all this clampdown has something to do with the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party but what’s annoying is that we have NOTHING, NADA, to do with politics, so the guardians of The Great Firewall should just leave us the heck alone!

Ok, rant over…we do think it IS interesting though that during the same period that China is experiencing a once-in-a-decade leadership transition…new Chinese President (and First Lady!) onboard very soon…the USA is also undergoing a presidential election. Interesting, doncha think, duckies????

Anyhooz, even though we’re obviously not voting, we couldn’t escape the media onslaught of the US presidential elections (we do have 2 CNN channels at home, the Asia Pacific one with all the familiar media faces in Hong Kong, as well as the US one, complete with American commercials)…so we just gave up, thinking, why escape?

Instead, we decided to make the race more interesting (for all of us) by fashion policing both the candidates’ wives!

Obama vs. Romney: the epic FLOTUS (current & aspiring) fashion face-off. At the first presidential debate, Mrs. O in cobalt blue dress & jacket by Preen, Mrs. R in custom cream skirt suit by Alfred Fiandaca, a fave of Nancy Reagan & other similar wealthy women who shop at Bergdorf, Henri Bendel & Saks.

So, Stiletto-istas.. I’m proudly presenting the mother of all epic fashion face-offs, current FLOTUS Michelle Obama vs. aspiring FLOTUS Ann Romney (images courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter):

1.) In this corner, the incumbent FLOTUS: Michelle Obama, 48 years old
(dang! girlfriend looks GOOD for her age! Wish our arms were that toned!)

Mrs.O wore Narciso Rodriguez to welcome US Olympic & Paralympic athletes to the White House on September 2012. She previously wore Rodriguez on the night of her husband’s presidential victory, November 4, 2008. (God, I remember staying awake with Herr Hubby that historic night!). That winning Rodriguez dress had the most number of knock-offs at the Shanghai fabric market for MONTHS afterwards!
During a university visit, the First Lady wore this multi-print dress by British-African designer Duro Olowu – called an “unknown” designer by American fashion critics – but who is actually quite famous in the UK. In Asia, his dresses are carried by our fave store, none other than Lane Crawford, of course (we picked one of his multi-print goddess dresses at a bargain warehouse sale!)
For the DNC, Mrs. O wore this boatneck purple print dress by rising designer Laura Smalls. A lucite dogwood pin by fave celeb accessories designer Alexis Bittar accents her neckline.
During the DNC, Mrs. O. wowed political circles with her moving speech & set the fashion twitterverse abuzz with this gorgeous silk pink and grey-blue number from one of her go-to fave designers, Tracy Reese. Everyone was totally tweeting about her matching grey-blue manicure!

2.) And in this corner, the challenger, aspiring FLOTUS: Ann Romney, 63 years old
(holy cow! does she bathe in milk? she looks AH-MAY-ZING for a lady in her ’60s…in her ’60s!!! Repeating in case you didn’t get that)

Here’s a closer look at Mrs. R’s custom-fitted cream suit by Alfred Fiandaca, a designer whom she favours, shopping off the rack at his stores in Boston & Palm Beach.
Such an unexpected look for a presidential candidate’ s wife and at the RNC, no less, we love it! Mrs R went sophisticated casual with long linen jacket, khakis & high heels and accessorized with an oversize turquoise necklace.
For the RNC’s 2nd day, Mrs. R decided it was time to stop messing around & brought out the big guns – a battle-red shirtdress belted at the waist with a gold buckle, by Oscar de la Renta (another Nancy Reagan fave & a designer notably NEVER worn by Mrs. Obama).
Also at the RNC, Mrs. R again favoured Oscar de la Renta, looking stunning in this bright turquoise blue number with little matching bolero jacket.


At the final presidential debate, both women looked simply fabulous…Mrs. O in a custom grey Thom Browne cap-sleeved dress with lace overlay (which she also wore at the DNC), accessorizing with a lovely silver bow brooch & black bow belt, Mrs. R in her go-to fave designer, Oscar de la Renta’s emerald-green, cap-sleeved with tropical leaf print skirt, enhanced with jade-green and gold accessories.

So, Stiletto-istas, WHO has YOUR VOTE for best-dressed on the campaign trail? EXERCISE your RIGHT TO VOTE in the COMMENTS below!

4 thoughts on “FLOTUS (Current & Aspiring) Fashion Face-Off: Obama vs. Romney

  1. i vote for Ann Romney at 60+ she knows how to carry herself and while i also like the sense of style of Michelle Obama… between two fashion-wise i’d go to Ann Romney. Clothes worn with ease and simple cuts and style yet very elegant….

  2. Diane, this post provided much needed relief on election night. I was not in the right frame of mind to respond then, Ohio kept me on the edge, but I am now. Gleefully, since my candidate won.

    But that’s not the reason why I vote for the incumbent FLOTUS as my fashionista of choice. Michelle won this on her own. She has the perfect armature, if you will, for any dress. Her height, proportion, and built (oh yah!) work in her favor. What tipped my vote is the fact that she knows the silhouette that suits her and she works it. Her choice of clean shapes, casual feel, and yet with a touch of edge – atypical for a FLOTUS, make her a winner.

    Kudos to both, though, for dressing their age.

    Now, on to rebuilding this economy. For as long as we look good doing it, we’re half-way there.

    Greetings from red-state Indiana (what am I doing here?).

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