The View from The Other Side

Yoohoo, Stiletto-istas! Remember little ol’ moi? 
I hope you haven’t been thinking that I’ve hung up my stilettos for good. Oh no, no way, babes, but we do apologize for our long silence. Let’s just say that, life for realz has gotten a little more interesting (read: busy) lately.

First, we went on a couple of little trips in the neighborhood – Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines. Short & sweet trips…some for holidays, one was absolutely necessary, but as all took us away from our home office and daily writing routine, all were mightily distracting.

Next, our little part-time editorial & writing gig for City Weekend Guangzhou, an English-language website for us Canton expats, suddenly got us busier than we’d anticipated as we got inundated with lunch, coffee, dinner, drinks invites from our hotel PR contacts in town. Everyone wants to be our new BFF! It took us a while to adjust to the sudden social whirl, I tell ya!

Lastly, with the increased calorie intake from all that gourmet cuisine and champagne we were ingesting at all these luxury 5-star hotels, we realized that we also needed to increase our level of physical activity. Unless we wanted to blimp out and end up bigger than our refrigerator! So we’ve been madly dashing about, from bootcamp to Zumba, from running to yoga, from tennis to golf, with the result that we actually ended up with both tennis elbow AND golf elbow, at the same time.

See what I mean? It’s an interesting (read: busy) life.

This week, I sat in the grand ballroom of an extravagant dinner and Givenchy fashion show at the Sheraton Guangzhou – in celebration of the hotel group’s 75th anniversary – and watched the competent young hotel PR lady working behind the scenes (obviously exhausted, stressed, overworked, all prim & proper in her demure business suit, all smiles & tactful diplomacy on her perfectly made-up face). And realized, that used to be the old me. I pondered the sticker label that had earlier been affixed on my sleeve and which I’d transferred to my champagne glass and thought: “How weird does it feel to be on the other side of the fence?”

All I can say – of my wonderfully strange new view from the other side – is that: I am deeply, wondrously, profoundly grateful. Life never ceases to amaze with unforeseen blessings and it’s up to us to embrace these with a positive mind, a grateful heart and arms wide open. Have a glorious week ahead, everyone!!!

pondering the view from the other side…strange, new, wonderful…& totally enjoying it!

Thoughts? Would love to hear from you!

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