Casa Stiletto Welcomes Max…in the Nick of Time

Awesome newsies for us Guangzhou residents!

Yesterday’s New York Times ran an article about how last week, the Guangzhou city government had started implementing car license plate auctions and lotteries in a bid to halve the number of new cars on the city’s already clogged streets. Considering that the red-hot Chinese economy has been experiencing a recent slowdown, this move, which sacrifices car companies’ profits and government tax revenues in order to ease pollution and improve the quality of city residents’ life, is remarkably progressive.

The trusty little Korean sedan now sitting pretty in our garage used to be the Guangzhou Israeli consul general’s car and when their family returned to their home country, we decided to purchase it and promptly named it “Max” (Herr Hubby and I have a tendency to name our cars).  However, we needed to switch license plates, from diplomatic to the regular foreigner’s plates in China. Luckily, we handed in our application before the lottery began.

While we’re happy for all of us who live in this city, traverse its roads and breathe its air everyday, we couldn’t help but feel relieved, for our own selfish reasons, that the crackdown happened only after we had already welcomed Max as our latest addition to the Casa Stiletto household.

To read the New York Times article, please click here.

Max, welcome to Casa Stiletto


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