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My dear Stiletto-istas, here’s a cause worthy of your time and a little bit of money in order to buy yourself some nice, new artwork with which to decorate your walls. Over 40 artists from various countries have rallied together and donated more than 70 art pieces for this online charity art auction. As all featured artworks are donations, 100% of auction proceeds will go towards supporting the leukemia treatments of a very brave little Filipino girl called Lea Joven. This initiative is spearheaded by one of The Bamboo Stiletto’s old high school friends, now a Dubai-based artist, journalist and expat mom herself who was moved by Lea’s plight and whose young son conceived the charity art auction idea.

For more on little Lea’s story, as told by Lea herself via video, please click here.
To view the artworks on auction, including instructions on how to bid (you can remain anonymous if you want by sending a private message to the auction organizer), please click on the official auction site here.  Please do have a look…it will only take a couple of minutes and who knows? You might just find that perfect little oil painting or watercolour to suit the walls of your home, beach house or holiday cottage. Most importantly, you may be able to help save a little girl’s life today.

Auction ends 20th August 2012.

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