Happy Monday to all, Stiletto-istas!
We took a much-needed summer breather last week. The sweltering heat in southern China has just been completely suffocating so last week, in between encasing ourselves in airconditioning catching up on our summer reading (has anyone read “Cloud Atlas” by British writer David Mitchell…OFF the HOOK!) & doing DVD marathons (does anyone out there like AMC TV’s “The Killing“, just sick, so awesome!), we’ve been doing nothing but cooling off in the pool and cocooning at the spa. To remain active, we became BFFs with the treadmill in the gym and ventured outdoors only in the evenings for an occasional game of tennis. Dontcha just LOVE summer??? 🙂

Today marks the beginning of a brand new week so we slipped on our stilettos once again, fired up with inspiration and purpose. LOTS TO DO this week and we can’t wait to share them with you in our upcoming posts. The John Wooden quote above from the terrific folks over at sparkpeople.com perfectly captures how we feel about the coming week and what we’ve got in store for work, for life, for you.

We’ve actually been quite remiss in our blog promotion efforts lately and was pleasantly surprised to see that global reader views have now reached 2,600+. Our Olympics fashion police post was the most popular, garnering nearly 350 readers just in one day! A-ha, so now we know what you guys really like to read, huh?

Well, no worries, Stiletto-istas, The Bamboo Stiletto will serve up more fun posts like that for your viewing pleasure. Chill your heels on and have a marvelous week ahead, everyone!


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